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The Pickford BrothersJohn and Ste


Die You Vicious Fish

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A text adventure for the Amstrad CPC; the follow up to Alstrad.

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Project details


Thu, 01 Jan 1987

Development studio:


Main client / publisher:




Proper Pickford Bros game?

No, either a work-for-hire project, or we aren't claiming much credit for this game.

Core studio team:

Paul Gill

Game Designer, Programmer, Publishing Baron

Ste Pickford

Loading Screen

Die You Vicious Fish Amstrad CPC WO cover


Amstrad CPC



Release date:

Thu, 01 Jan 1987


Die You Vicious Fish







Ste Pickford

My friend Paul used to write his own text adventures and published them himself, and he asked me to do a loading screen for this, his second (or was it third?) release. It was quite a good screen I seem to remember, in 4 colour hi-res mode, of a guy with a machine gun shooting some fish.

Sadly this ultra rare artifact has been lost forever, as neither of us have a copy of the game anymore, and none of the seven copies he sold seem to have made it onto any emulation sites, unbelievably.

Paul later got himself a job at Binary Design and went on to write a ton of topselling computer and console games.


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