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Knight Games 2

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Knight Games 2 screen shot 1

Project details


Tue, 01 Dec 1987

Development studio:


Main client / publisher:

English Software



Proper Pickford Bros game?

No, either a work-for-hire project, or we aren't claiming much credit for this game.

Knight Games 2 Commodore 64 UK cover


Commodore 64


United Kingdom

Release date:

Tue, 01 Dec 1987


Knight Games 2


English Software





Ste Pickford

Graphic Artist

† Sales Estimates
Almost all sales estimates given are educated guesses. Being lowly developers we rarely had access to the publisher's sales infomation, and in many cases hadno contact with the publisher whatsoever after each game was completed. Even in cases where we were the owners of the development studio and on royalty deals, for various reasonsit was very rare that we received accurate sales figures from the publishers involved. We'd be delighted to correct any errors, or hear more accurate sales figures for any of the titles here.Please email the webmaster if you know something we don't!

The credits listed are accurate to the best of our recollection, but if we've made any errors or ommissions (quite likely!) please email the webmaster to let us know and we'll try to make a correction as soon as possible.


We are The Pickford Bros, veteran independent video game designers based in the UK.

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