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The Pickford BrothersJohn and Ste


The Pickford Bros' Softography

All the games that John and Ste have worked on during their career

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2000 - DragonTales: DragonSeek (Studio: Zed Two - Client: NewKidCo)

2001, Europe - PlayStation (Publisher: Ubisoft)
2000, United States - PlayStation

2000 - Aquaqua (Studio: Zed Two - Client: Imagineer)

2001, Europe - PlayStation2 [Aqua Aqua: Wetrix2] (Publisher: SCI)
2002, United States - PlayStation2 [AquaAqua] (Publisher: 3DO)
2001, Japan - PlayStation2
1981, Europe - PlayStation [AquaAqua: Wetrix 2.0] (Publisher: Eon)

1995 - Spyral Saga (Studio: Software Creations - Client: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe)

(Unreleased), Worldwide - PlayStation

1994 - Waterworld (Studio: Software Creations - Client: Interplay)

(Unreleased), United States - PlayStation
(Unreleased), United States - 3DO


We are The Pickford Bros, veteran independent video game designers based in the UK.

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