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Plok comic strip is back! (well, nearly)

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Fri, 28 Feb 2014
Subject: Plok comic strip

Ste Pickford

We had a little break from doing the comic strip over Christmas, and somehow never quite got back into the swing of writing or drawing it in the new year.

John and I started work on two new projects, and I think they took up all our mental energy. Plus I had loads of comics to read that I got for Christmas, and that sucked up all my evening time (when I usually draw the comic).

Anyway, we're finally back, with the next strip, #23, currently awaiting inking and colouring, which I'll hopefully get done over the weekend.

Apologies for the extended delay. Hopefully we can get back on a weekly schedule now.

Thanks for your patience!


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It's okay :) Don't stress yourself too much. Rushing things is never good! Anyway, I am very happy to see Plok again!


Mr. Polygon

Yaaaaay it's finally back. Sorry about my impatience I was just so stoked you know.



Oh no... I recognize this.


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