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New Shorts Series

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Fri, 17 Nov 2017
Subject: Plok comic strip (Shorts)

Ste Pickford

There's a new Plok comic strip up today. You've probably noticed that it looks a bit different from the usual comics, and isn't following directly from the last episode of Volume 5, posted a couple of weeks back.

We've started a new strand of the Plok comic strip, and I want to explain what it's all about here.

As the Plok comic strip has gotten more ambitious in the story we want to tell, and the way we tell it (which we plan to crank up a notch further with the upcoming Volume 6), we've lost the ability to easily write short gags, or strips that comment on current events in the world of video games, which is something we used to enjoy doing when the strip first started.

What we've decided to do is rename the previous and ongoing Plok comic strip episodes as the 'Main Series', and add a new series called 'Shorts', that are going to be one-off gag strips, without necessarily having any continuity from one episode to the next. They'll feature the same characters and worlds from the Main Series, but won't necessarily follow the same story as the Main Series, or fit neatly into its timeline.

I'm also keen to experiment a bit more with my art, and I'm aiming here for something a bit looser, and a bit more cartoony, and something that I'm not quite so precious about so I can get strips out a bit quicker. This is at the same time as planning to get a bit more ambitious and probably more precious about the art in the Main Series with Volume 6. So basically by splitting the strip into two series I can try to develop two different art styles, a faster and looser style for gags (including hand-drawn lettering), and a more detailed and ambitious art style for the ongoing story.

We're even toying with the idea of adding further series to this expanded Plok comic strip, with something about Grandpappy's younger days (drawn in a scratchy black and white style, of course) being one idea we're kicking about.

We're still working on the planning of Volume 6, well, in between learning Unity and C# and Blender and Spine, which is taking most of our time, but I hope that the Shorts Series will keep the comic strip active while we work on the planning, rather than it going into hiatus mode for a couple of months, which is what happened in the past at the end of each volume.

Anyway, that's the thinking behind the new strip. Hope you like it!


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Way cool! I just rediscovered this game after not touching it for years. Thank you SNES classic for getting me back into the Super Nintendo. I can't believe you guys keep this up after all this time. Way cool


Ste Pickford

Thanks JT!


Awesome! I love it when you guys poke fun at current events (or at least game related events).


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