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Vol: 1

Mon, 05 Aug 2013

#2 Boom

Plok comes to a realisation.

#2 Boom

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Main Series: Vol 1

#2 Boom

Plok comes to a realisation.

Mon, 05 Aug 2013

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Plok needs a sequel


I don't remember his head popping off from his torso in the game. He must be really angry! ;)


@keith l:

I'm working on a 3d fan sequel, but it's not really that good, and I would delete it in a second if an official sequel was announced. I can't post a link to my blog here directly, so just place "thekingofakrillic." before Tumblr's URL.

Also, thanks to this comic I'm going to give Plok an explosion attack. :D



Lets see some screenshots then!


The best thing by far (for me) was the music. Possibly the best 16-bit soundtrack ever made.


@JPickford There's 3 currently on my blog. I can't link them (or the blog URL) here directly due to the spam filter, and I felt dirty typing in "thekingofakrillic[dot]tumblr[dot]com".



That looks lovely.


Thank you! There's still a lot to do, though.


I'd love to see Plok return, but even more so if Tim Folin returned to make another amazing soundtrack. Then again that might be easier said than done.



I can't wait until the next one (if there is a next one)!


holy crap please make a Plok sequel!!! One of the best games on SNES, and yes I concur soundtrack is ridiculously good. Can only imagine how fun and cool this could be on Wii U, not even to mention how good it would look!



Genesis conversion? Not sure that the YM2612 would be able to carry that nice soundtrack over right...



If he's small enough I'd pick him up



poor plok :(


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