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Vol: 1

Fri, 09 Aug 2013

#3 Changes

Plok meets up with an old friend.

#3 Changes

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Main Series: Vol 1

#3 Changes

Plok meets up with an old friend.

Fri, 09 Aug 2013

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Is that a Gradius reference? Cool!


I of the mask?




Poor Rockyfella...

I remember beating him senseless back in the good old days...


So far I'm enjoying the premise of a really old game character comic out of retirement only to realize how much the world has changed out of his favor. Eat Lead and Cloudberry Kingdom used the same premise but did nothing with them. I guess that's just the constraints of being an actual game instead of a comic where the whole world can gradually unravel.


I always pictured Plok having a voice like Orko from He-Man.



There is a short animated trailer we made back in the day. We had a lot of ex-Cosgrove Hall staff working at Creations and they did it the traditional way - hand drawn etc. Plok was voiced in that by one of the animators Malc McGookin.

We're hoping to track down a copy so we can put it online.



So is 'scrunge' is a verb as well as a noise? :-)


Ste Pickford

It certainly is! It comes from Ken Reid's wonderful Faceache comic strip, a regular in early 1970s British boys comics.



Oh hey, Rockyfella turned into a stupid rock.


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