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Vol: 1

Fri, 23 Aug 2013

#5 Envy

Plok gets angry about a perceived injustice.

#5 Envy

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Main Series: Vol 1

#5 Envy

Plok gets angry about a perceived injustice.

Fri, 23 Aug 2013

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Walter middleton

Plok is still the best no matter what plok forever


lol! Poor Bubsy, he killed a genre. xD


Oh man. A shot at Bubsy. He deserves it. Lol.


What could possibly go wrong?


Ha ha, Bubsy! What's the worst that can happen?



Curse you Bubsy!! CURSE YOU!!!


Ha ha hey I made a custom Plok Pokemon card that had one of his attacks named curse. It read if bubsy or Rayman is on the field they both die! I think a character that looks like a Pikmin and throws his limbs is way better than some cat who looks like he is on crack. Keep being awesome Jhon and Ste!


What's that funny green stuff at the bottom? Is that the Achievement Unlocked watermark? U guys must be Xbox fans eh? Yhea good times in fact I still play with the original one to this day.


Ste Pickford

Do you mean at the green box bottom of the fourth panel? That will be revealed at a later date...


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