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Vol: 1

Mon, 09 Sep 2013

#8 Honey

A visitor from space inspects the meteorite crater.

#8 Honey

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Main Series: Vol 1

#8 Honey

A visitor from space inspects the meteorite crater.

Mon, 09 Sep 2013

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Hmmmm, things are getting rather interesting now


So who's next? Tin Star? However, I need my Plok fix more frequently, Ste!



If you look carefully you could work out who's next. There are quite a few clues.



Oh and if you are puzzled by the Zob vs Zub thing - it's the same character. We had to change the name to Zub because Zob is a rude word in France.



Ste Pickford

I'm drawing as fast as I can Caramelman!


Walter middleton

this is more intersting as it go's


Walter middleton

is he the one who took his flag in the first place this seens like what hapend when plok leaves to cotton island in the game even tho he zob is not in it



This is Commander Zob's first visit to Plok's world. He would never steal a flag.


Way to go, Ste!

I have no clue, John. Unless Sonic and the Blobcat will make an appearance...



Commander Zob is actually Commander Keen under cover! :O


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