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Vol: 1

Fri, 15 Nov 2013

#18 Ruminate

Plok suggests some possible new game ideas.

#18 Ruminate

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Main Series: Vol 1

#18 Ruminate

Plok suggests some possible new game ideas.

Fri, 15 Nov 2013

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You guys are such a tease.


Wait that's the kinect slogan. There's that green box again. Please don't make a singing game just stick with the limb throwing okay? Oh I saw some more Plok stuff on YouTube today. This game is so friggin cool! It looks like it is very time consuming and hard but the music makes getting stuck or losing not that bad. Too bad you guys don't own the rights to the game. I would play this on my Wii for hours! Good job Pickford and Follin bros!


That is one nimble duck there.


Is it possible to get around copyright laws if you simply remade the first game (with polygonal 2.5D graphics, the levels you intended to do but not able to, and the original music score remastered by Tim Follin), since it is technically a new game?


Ste Pickford

We're not really interested in doing a remake of an existing game to be honest.


It would be nice if you did but I don't mind a brand new one. Always room for improvement!


The way I see it, it's either that, or if people find out about Plok through this webcomic might play it in "less than legal" ways (as if you were to profit from it nowadays anyway).



We're definitely keen to make an all new Plok game. It would have some new ideas and hopefully be something uptodate rather than trading on it's retro-heritage.



Maybe a Plok game about make a game... about make a game.... and you are the game! xD


All I ask is that it's not one of those games that do not go further than the final boss fight. It makes the game short lived. Eg: megaman games, Shantae games. I'd love a couple of Extra challenges after the main story. Something to keep me playing after the main story is beat. Just a suggestion though. I am not trying to force you or anything.


I do not think that a game necessarily needs to offer extra content after you have beaten it, but it definitely makes you feel like you got your money's worth. Mega Man 9 & 10 do have extra content though you need to pay extra for it and Metroidvania style games like Shantae have enough content during their initial playthrough in my opinion. But maybe I'm a little defensive as I love both mentioned series immensely.

An idea how the content of the original Plok could be increased, would be a time attack mode where you could replay all levels and bonus levels and a harder difficulty (I know it sounds insane!) where Plok only has two limbs instead of four (of course some of the later levels would need altering) or where all power suits were removed from the game.

Also I would like a new game that used the original gameplay as a foundation and improved upon it far more than a refurbished old one (however I'm not totally against the idea).


Who currently owns the rights to the first Plok game? Tradewest went under and some of their remnants were bought out by Midway Games Europe, but even Midway went bankrupt. Is it WB Games that owns Plok now?


Ste Pickford

Wow, good question. I suspect that whoever owns the rights to the SNES game doesn't know they own it, and doesn't have any code or assets or any ablity to do anything with it.


Name that nobody takes I am very aware of Megaman 9& 10 s extra stages. I was talking about 1-8. I have megaman 10 and enker punk and ballade are all hard as nails I also have both Shantae games and was a little annoyed by the fact that I couldn't save and get all the items before the final boss. I love both those games a lot. I am also a big mario fan and I am used to the star world and hidden goodies. I suggest that Plok has some hidden power ups that the player has to find and cannot get through normal play.


I will also use the hidden goodies concept in my games as well. Didn't mean to insult those games. And you're right some games don't need extra stuff. I feel as the first Plok was good enough.However I always feel as if at the end of Shantae (especially the second one) I would get to fight the bosses and replay without the animal forms.


However now they gave Shantae some strange and over sexual power up that has more magic and a stronger whip (for the ios game) so I stand corrected by that comment. I don't have the ios version and didn't know about it at the time. Sorry this is off topic! Really looking forward to these Plok comics also sorry for the over post .


Brad Silvia

These spam bots have got to go >:(


It is probably not physically possible to play a Kinect Plok game. Wouldn't mind trying, though. :)



Or a remake where the story has Plok visiting the other islands


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