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Vol: 1

Fri, 22 Nov 2013

#19 Scanning

The swarm launch an attack, and an eye opens.

#19 Scanning

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Main Series: Vol 1

#19 Scanning

The swarm launch an attack, and an eye opens.

Fri, 22 Nov 2013

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Xbox? What's going on here!?



No clue.


My fellow skree brethren! Let us dominate this newly found island for the glory of our queen. Let's form a giant robot! Go go Flea Rangers!


Brad Silvia

Look what I finally got in the mail from eBay-



Brad Silvia

Or should I say, FLEAbay.


No hate for PS4 or Wii U (despite me having all three)?

As long as you don't diss any retro consoles, handhelds and PC gaming, all is good.


To all the Shantae/ Megaman fans who read those previous comments. I am sorry I love Megaman and Shantae and I can't wait for the 3DS Release of The Pirate's Curse! I am still confused about that black thing. Is it some old beat up Sega genesis mixed with an SNES mixed with a play station?


Brad Silvia

@Mr. Polygon:

It looks like the Xbox One to me, with the Kinect sensor sitting atop it. But it has now come to life!


@ Brad Siliva: if the Xbox one does that then I am certantly not putting that in my house


Oops sorry for misspelling your name Silvia


@ Brad Silvia : omg it is an Xbox One with the doohickey on top. I knew that green stuff was Xbox related thanks


@ Mr Polygon: I guess you are referring to me as the Mega Man/Shantae fan. It's all okay! It's nice and surprising to see another Shantae fan around here!

Now this comic is the one that has me scratching my head the most, trying to decipher the cryptic message behind it. The Xbox One is collecting every possible information it can and becomes a monster if it gets access to the wrong data?

I highly anticipate the blog post explaining this particular comic and also hopefully a follow-up when Plok will try the "you are the controller" thing with this evil monster Xbox.

What I'll definitely do when I will have the chance to use a Xbox One for the first time in the far future is to say "Xbox, Skree" to see if it does something.


I always knew that console was evil.


@ Name That Nobody Takes: Mabey the Pickford Bros are trying to warn us about the xbox. It is quietly and secretly collecting data on the oblivious gamer. It wants to collect enough data about Humans. With all of this data it will transform into a Giant Terror Monster and destroy all other competition like Nintendo and Sony! Soon the Xbox shall become the one and only game console and any other company must bow down to its power! Although I don't mind distributing my games ( that I plan to make in the future) on the Xbox. I sure hope Plok, Rockyfella, and Wubba Wubba destroy this evil creation before it takes over the world of video games.


Why do I feel as if that Xbox 1 has the same Voice as Auto Pilot From Wall-E? You know that wheel thing that controlled the ship.

Oh man I am so sorry for flooding this comment section with my blabbering. I have so much to say about Plok and this Comic as a whole however I usually end up misspelling or saying things wrong and having to correct them. And no I do not spend my life on Zee-3.


Mr. Polygon

What happened to Plok ? Is the next comic coming soon?


Ste Pickford

Yep, next one in a day or so. I was ill for most of last week so didn't get much drawing done.


Brad Silvia

Hmm... I wish I could make a witty comment in regards to Thanksgiving leftovers, but then I realized that you Brits don't celebrate Turkey Day like us Yanks.


Mr. Polygon

Oh well I hope you feel better soon. Which reminds me I still got some cranberry sauce in the fridge.



Fleas, Fleas Everywhere :D


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