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Vol: 1

Fri, 21 Mar 2014

#25 Yearn

The Queen begins to dream.

#25 Yearn

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Main Series: Vol 1

#25 Yearn

The Queen begins to dream.

Fri, 21 Mar 2014

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Mr. Polygon

Holy Shit It's a Plok crossed with an Ostro/Birdo


Mr. Polygon

So how's she gonna get a mate when she's in the cave? That defys logic guys. Or Is this on purpose?


What a tragic story. She's just misunderstood



So she is in love with Plok?

This is getting creepier and creepier. Now I want to know what happens next!


Ste Pickford

She's waiting for her mate to come to her. She's made herself attractive, sent out her minions. What more can she do?


She could always use the Xbox One to spy on Plok


Beautiful Nature^^


Mr. Polygon

So wait you mean to tell me that the fleas were invading Ackrillic so Plok could........ Oh My God Ste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So she is waiting for the person she loves? That's so sweet... but there's something wrong here. I don't think Plok is her type.


Mr. Polygon


No you've got it all backwards The Queen is not Plok's type. Ungh I can just feel something about to happen in this comic. Something completely unexpected.


@ Mr Polygon I also have a bad feeling about this...


@Mr. Polygon Good point there, the Queen isn't Plok's type! Will there be a big plok twist- I mean plot twist?!

Also, will Plok get power up like in the game. Maybe some new power ups.


Ste Pickford

We'll definitely revist the power ups in a future strip. Apologies for no new comic strip today. Busy week, and I'm full of a cold, so didn't manage to draw one. Back next week.


Only discovered this, after years of roms and drunkenly convincing people to play the game! Amazing guys!! :D


@Ste Pickford Get well soon. Take your time, don't rush into thing or it'll get messy.

I will look forward to Plok power ups.


Mr. Polygon

Aww darn. It's cool though. I was ill this week too. Seasonal Allergies. Oh well I guess I'll just play some Plok this weekend. Oh yhea I was listening to Plok music this morning. It really made my day. Thanks guys and I hope you feel better Ste. Drink Lots of Orange Juice and stay away from dairy products. It helps. :)


Mr. Polygon

Also some warm soup would be great while watching some Anime ha ha! Sorry that's just what I do. Not really but it sounds nice.


You aren't going to be gone for another 2 months, are you?


Ste Pickford

Should be back next week.


Also, I have a question for you in the meantime.

Is the rumor surrounding Shigeru Miyamoto loving this game are true? Just think about what would have happened in Plok became a Nintendo second-party franchise (assuming you kept all creator control like what Rare did, before MS bought them out, seeing how Rare was Independent prior to that).



Well darn. We would have a Plok for the Wii U then.


Ste Pickford

Yep I believe it was true. Shame :(


Shame indeed but don't worry. When a door closes, a new one opens. Who knows where our Arm poppin hero may end up. Some rich tycoon may play it fall in love with it and hire you guys to make a sequel. Expect the Unexpected. :)


Except of course, people would consider this to be copying Rayman, despite it appearing a few years prior. No doubt about it that Michel Ancel played this game and got more than a little inspired by it (everything from the visuals, to the style, and the music, the limbless character design, especially for the first game). Don't get me wrong Rayman is awesome, but it's a well known franchise, but people would still try to claim this as some sort of ripoff.


Well those people still sleep with the nightlight on in their diapers because Plok is the original. I've never played Rayman but it kinda looks like Paper Mario mixed with Yoshis story mixed with banjo kazooie. Still I pity those people. (Even thought I never heard of Plok until 2 years ago when watching SMW hacks on YouTube.) but I guess the only reason is that Rayman is more mainstream then Plok was so that's why some would think that. Raymaners gonna hate Plok!


Anyway, are there any ROM hacks of Plok?

Closest we'll ever see to a new game.


Well I've heard rumors of a fan game. That kinda acts as a sequel.


Ok, why is there a fake war being made up by the people in the comments here? Nobody who likes rayman hates plok or vice versa, Plok isn't really limbless, and the whole no limbs thing in Rayman made animation super smooth and easy.

And to Mr. Polygon above, I don't know why it looks like paper mario, or yoshi's story, or even banjo kazooie, but all three of those games came out long after Rayman did. And they don't really resemble that game at all.


What I wasn't starting a war. Just making a statement. Plok is underrated and Rayman has more popularity. Rayman fans probably look down on Plok. I bet Rayman is fun and all but Plok came first.





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