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Vol: 1

Fri, 04 Apr 2014

#26 Zob

In a fight with Plok's house, there's only one winner.

#26 Zob

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Main Series: Vol 1

#26 Zob

In a fight with Plok's house, there's only one winner.

Fri, 04 Apr 2014

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End of Volume 1?

How long do we need to wait for Volume 2?


So his flag was stolen again...must be zob is a bobbins bros son!!


I can't wait for Volume 2!



Why does the house throw away Plok's flag? TRAITOR!


Ste Pickford

Shouldn't be any wait, Volume 2 starts next week.



Did anyone notice the A-Z titles for the episodes? It was a bugger to come up with some of those.


the titles are a-z? that is determination:D i love it!


Whoa, what happened there?! He got kick out!

Thank you for this comic. I love how funny it is. I never notice that the title are a-z. That's really good.

I'll looking forward to the next volume.


Mr. Polygon

Plok's House is possessed! Wow I totally didn't know it was from A to Z. Wow that's so cool. Can't wait for the next volume!


Mr. Polygon

Omg I read all of volume 1 it is from A to Z. Really sorry I didn't notice your extra efforts until now. Oh well I'll be more attentive next volume. Good Luck on volume 2 guys. If you need me to fill in when you guys are sick or get off course with the comic series just give me a call! But I'm gonna foucus my attention on beating those Dimwitted Bobbins Bros! And beating Plok!!!



I always wondered what the reasoning behind some of the rather odd titles the comic strips was, but now that you mention it, that was pretty clever!

For the next volume you should come up with another pattern for us to figure out. Then you could evaluate how smart or dim-witted we are as a fan base :P

I know that it sounds cheesy as hell, but there's something special reading your strips every week. The rather colorful scenes involving Plok, the mystery behind Zob's mission, the documentary-style explanations of the Queen and at last there's the Xbox One - it'll be interesting to see how everything is going to come together.

Also the strips give the original game a new dimension - houses ostensibly have a life of their own in Plok's universe (why not? the Xbox also seems to live), were the original flags stolen because they depicted a "mate" for the flea queen? At first I thought that Zob may be an antagonist, but he seems presumably dead-bent on getting rid of the flea plaque around space.

What I wonder though is that Plok's house was shown multiple times already with the Grandpappy Plok statue nowhere in sight. Was it shattered when Plok got the amulet? Will the amulet make a return?



NameThatNobodyTakes when I see your avatar... Am I the only one to whom Plok's breathing animation looks like he has a hole in his belly?


I love what you doing with Plok^^ It seems your the only Persons who care about their old Characters and Fans. You dont know how good it FEELS to see Plok back after all the Years^-^


@ nerdnils that's his lower body you see. It's like the bottom of a jacket. Strange because when you play as Plok with no arms or legs it seems to close up and act as a pogo for Plok. I don't know Ploks not my creation.



Plok's house threw the flag with Zob... WHAAAA???????


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