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Vol: 2

Tue, 22 Apr 2014

#28 Hardcore

Rockyfella goes to his happy place.

#28 Hardcore

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Main Series: Vol 2

#28 Hardcore

Rockyfella goes to his happy place.

Tue, 22 Apr 2014

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Rockyfella used dig!


And it was super effective!


Rockyfella should team up with Dr. Manhattan. They can be blue and misunderstood together.


Ste Pickford



Hey, random question but is it true Plok can't come to the Virtual Console because of legal issues? I would LOVE a re-release but I don't want to get my hopes up if it's not possible...thanks!


Ste Pickford

Well "can't" is perhaps too strong a word. We can't bring it to the Virtual Console ourselves as we don't own the rights to the SNES game, nor do we have the code or anything. None of the other companies involved seem to exist any more.


Oh, I see. You only own the rights to the character. A remake then? Lol, just kidding. Thanks for responding back by the way! :D


Mr. Polygon

@ Franco

Hey you know if you want to Play Plok go to SNES FUN. They actually have a copy and it's free to play.


Mr. Polygon

Well at least it's not the Sims 3. Jesus Christ that game. I know a family member who Plays that all day and all night. Also you gotta pay for extra content and go and by expansion packs. So candy crush isn't all bad. If you want to play some real fun app games try

Farm Tower

Flappy Bird

Trigger Knight

And Unroll Me

Not all are free but there really good though. Also try Cave Story. It's real fun!


I think now may be a good time to make Plok "viral" or something. Make it explode in unexpected popularity. Some sort of viral video on Youtube to make people play the thing, even if it is in a "less than legal" manner. Maybe something fully animated via flash.


Mr. Polygon


The only way Plok will get popular on YouTube is if Pewdiepie Plays it or if The game theorist come across it. Or if Some Plok fan makes one of Ploks songs as popular as Dr Wily Castel from Megaman2 and Un Owen was Her from Touhou. But hey I don't care if Plok isn't popular. He's still one of my favorite Characters. I may even give my cute adorable Protagonist a Plok inspired power up or something. But all credit goes to the Pickford bros. Whose game dosent totally blows. It's good for show. I'd just want you all to know.



The discussion going on in the comments makes me terribly interested in a Plok HD. If everybody who owns the original stuff is dead and gone, I don't see what's keeping anyone from reinventing the original and improving upon it.



"But I feel diddled"

A reference to my favorite quote in the entire game XD


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