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Vol: 2

Fri, 13 Jun 2014

#34 Motion Fractured

Plok and Wubba get all technical.

#34 Motion Fractured

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Main Series: Vol 2

#34 Motion Fractured

Plok and Wubba get all technical.

Fri, 13 Jun 2014

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Mr. Polygon

Phffffffffffffffffffff oh please my iPhone moves at .0000000000001 fps. I miss my old android :'(


Brad Silvia

Being such a small group of fans makes me sad. John and Ste deserve more.

Have you guys thought about bringing Plok to the masses? Maybe by having him show up as a cross-promotion of sorts in a new game ala Conker in Project Spark?


Ste Pickford

We're still waiting for the Smash Bros call.



Man I would love Plok in Smash Bros,I mean if Pacman can get in I don't see why Plok can't. But I think Plok's going be stuck with this loyal fan based from people who actually played the game. Which is why I'm glad it was one of my favorite games as a child. So the clear solution to this is to start shoving Plok into the faces of everyone we see!


Mr. Polygon

Oh smash bros eh? That will be something to see. Especially his final smash. I hope he turns into rocket lau..... No screw that how about Ploky Baloba (AKA) boxing suit. That kicked major ass back in the day. That also would be a great rival for little Mac. Also there should be two stages. One with that funkalishious beach theme where that wave sweeps across washing away brawlers and another in the flea pit where the flea queen comes down and lay eggs that will hatch and attack brawlers. Also Bobbins anyone?


Mr. Polygon

@ DemolisherBPB

Lol didn't Pong and Dig Dug get in smash as well. Might as well throw minecraft and GTA in the mix as well and call it a day.


Brad Silvia

@Mr. Polygon:

Whoops, I accidentally reported your comment because I was thinking it was a quote button. Still tired XD

Anyway, I was going to say that Minecraft and GTA aren't legendary like Pac-Man and other Namco-Bandai properties. They also aren't Japanese. The Assist Trophy that looks like Pong is actually Nintendo's Color TV-Game 15, which was a ripoff of Pong.


Mr. Polygon

@ Brad Silvia

Well I've hit that button a thousand times trying to report spam but nothing happens.

Also I'm sure that the smash community would grow a lot bigger if Nintendo actually reached out to Non Japanese companies to attempt to get more brawlers. LoL still would be funny if they put Minecraft and GTA in Smash. Also

Billy Mays Confirmed for Smash Bros 4 LOL id kill everybody with his final smash. The big city slider station machine gun.


I had imagined that Plok was native to 50fps and that was why I could only get as far as the Penkinos at 60. I may have to consider that I was just not very good.


How hypocritical of you. Plok ran at about 30 FPS on SNES. And at extreme sub-HD resolutions (unless if you emulate it).



Cool comic, thank you for making this.

Maybe there's a way to help you Ste. If we all can email Nintendo and tell that we want Plok in the Smash Bros. maybe they will listen and add Plok (maybe in the next Smash game?). I hope they'll call you soon to add Plok in.


@ Mr Polygon

What? Nintendo put me in smash? Yay!


It's all about dem looks, eh?

@WJC Unfortunately, no. Sakurai recently confirmed that the roster was decided almost a year ago, and that only Mii's were a last-minute addition to make the obnoxious beggars on MiiVerse and Twitter finally shut up.

The best we can do is get him in there as a trophy. Then we can pester Sakurai about getting Plok into the next Smash roster, or reelease him as a DLC character (which he probably won't do, sadly).



Hey guys, I've been reading the comic for a while, but have just registrated.

Just played through Plok again yesterday:


To be honest, I think this is only the second time that I have seen the outro; but I think the first time that I finished it without using neither a warp zone nor a Plokontinue (literally finished the flea queen with my last bit of energy at my last life). I have no idea - is a score of 1734640 good or bad?



I hope Plok isn't describing his old adventure... Surely a guy like that wouldn't forget the beef he had with Rockyfella? Not to mention the beef Rockyfella had with him? Then again, maybe he really is that kind of guy, considering what he did to get on Rocky's bad side to begin with...


Mr. Polygon

Well when the next smash comes out they've e gotta put the following characters in there.


Billy Mays


Charles Barkley


Zero (if he's not a character skin of some sort in the upcoming game.)

Quote, Curly, and Balrog

And Cheetah Men.

Now I should be finished with the development of my game as well so maybe I'll get a shot too. Still if Nintendo added these characters, that would be the best game ever. I also heard Reggi may be in the upcoming game as well.


@Kaze_Memaryu, yeah, I heard that he already done it so it's too late to put Plok in (unless he changes his mind and add Plok in at the last second which is highly unlikely). The only thing we can do is do what you said; pester him to put Plok in the next Smash Bros. game.

@Mr. Polygon, that an interesting list there. I don't know what the other characters are except for Plok and Zero. The characters I want in Smash Bros. are:


Chocobo and moogle

Daisy (her moves will be based on the sport games she was in)

Dixie Kong

and Bomberman.


About my last comment; I prefer to kindly ask him to add Plok in, not pestering him a lot. Maybe if we all email Sakurai and ask him to add Plok in the next Smash game, he might consider putting Plok in the next game.


Mr. Polygon


Billy Mays, AVGN, and Charles Barkley aren't video game characters. But based on their popularity (Billy and his endorsements) (AVGN and his power suit that he uses to kill shitty games with) and (Barkley with the Slam goes with everything meme) they should be in the game just for LOLS.

Now moving on, Shantae is pretty cool. She has interesting controls and could use her animal forms to attack. (Especially the Harpy, which was the best if you got the Tailsman to go along with it. Quote is the little red guy from cave story. His weapons are pretty neat and he has potential. Balrog, the toaster microwave guy, should be in as well just because he's so badass. I mean if you played cave story you would want Balrog in smash. Cheetah Men was more of a joke. They suck just like all 51 of their other games. Plus I think Nintendo has Active Enterprises on their public enemy list for making unlicensed games for their consoles. Still if Sakurai by some means put characters famous from internet memes or other games. Smash would be a lot more hilarious but at the same time more fun.


@Mr. Polygon, LOL, I see what you did there. That would be so funny and fun. Maybe some fans with make a Smash fans game with those characters you mentioned.


Mr. Polygon


Well I just got done looking at Nintendo Digital and found out that I could make those characters in Mii form. At first I truly didn't care about smash but now I'm getting that game!!!!



Why am I so curious on what the flea gunge smelled like?? Why am I so weird??


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