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Vol: 3

Fri, 03 Oct 2014

#50 Youngling

The Runt meets the Ranger.

#50 Youngling

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Main Series: Vol 3

#50 Youngling

The Runt meets the Ranger.

Fri, 03 Oct 2014

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You are good at drawing big eyes


Mr. Polygon

Um why does this remind me of the scene in Metroid where Samus finds the baby Metroid?


Mr. Polygon

I thought he was Zob!

CONSPIRACY ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


that is zob. i think "captain skint" is just his moniker for the little flea


Zob doesn't know how what language is?

Or he decided to get his own pet and named him after the first sound he heard?

On a side-note, what will happen if the Ebola pandemic invades Polly-Esta? Zob will likely live due to him permanantly being in a spacesuit, if he forgets to fly away.



The second one.


And you never answered the Ebola question.

I am pretty sure Plok will not die, seeing how he was previously exposed to have skin underneath his "Ploksuit", which I also take it as some sort of protection.



So its eyes are too heavy for its little brittle legs to carry, man you really feel sorry for the little critter. I hope Plok spares it if he goes on his next flea genocide.



I'm sure Plok would let this li'l guy live

If he has any semblance of a moral compass, that is.


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