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Vol: 3

Fri, 24 Oct 2014

#53 'Grand Duke of Akrillic'

Plok remembers more of his old power.

#53 'Grand Duke of Akrillic'

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Main Series: Vol 3

#53 'Grand Duke of Akrillic'

Plok remembers more of his old power.

Fri, 24 Oct 2014

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Well um if he's like the King then just consult the manager of the sign.

Or just sharpen the saw if you know what I mean.



It took me about 53 hours to figure out how to use 'Plok power'...I feel less stupid now though, but you guys are forgiven. I doubt you play Plok that often.


Ste Pickford

I admit I don't play it very often. I'm a disgrace, I know.


You play Magic Billards or Naked War during your free time Ste?



Non-plokkers won't understand, but maybe it's better this way. That was a really dumb joke. I mean it in a nice way, of course. Probably. Don't send Plok after me please.


Ste Pickford

I currently play Naked War during my work time. In fact, I barely have time to play anything at the moment, with work and the comic strip.


I know that feel. :(


I will be honest, if Plok had micro-transactions when I was a kid, I would have quit very quick... or made my parents go bankrupt.



And we would be RICH!


Mr. Polygon

@ JPickford

I hate to Plok your flea bubble but not many people in the Us played Plok or even know who he is. So I'm not sure you would get that rich off us Gamers.

:/ sorry.


Mr. Polygon

US gamers. Not "us" gamers.


Mr. Polygon

Ok Chez how about this.



But Plok has no shoelaces!



They're invisible.


Of course they are



But those are boots. He has no shoelaces.


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