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Vol: 4

Wed, 28 Oct 2015

#97 Video et Taceo

Who knew statues could speak latin?

#97 Video et Taceo

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Main Series: Vol 4

#97 Video et Taceo

Who knew statues could speak latin?

Wed, 28 Oct 2015

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Then why did, for absolutely no reason, did the statue, 22 years ago, fly when Plok awoke from his dream, and it contained no cables, nor was that camera destroyed when it blew up?



Is it the same statue?


You're the ones who made the game. No other statues were shown.


Did it blow up? I just remember it hopping away.


Close enough to blowing up.

It fell due to an explosion.



So with Jim Power on Steam and Umihara Kawase coming to Steam soon, has there been any progress on Plok! possibly coming to Steam, too? :3


Jim Power?

You mean that nearly impossible SNES game with the 3D graphics, and backwards scrolling background with that killer soundtrack (but does not hold a candle to Plok's)?

They added it to Steam? I thought it was completely forgotten.

Seriously. A game (presumably) more forgotten by Plok has gotten a re-release?





And this is coming next week:


I've never played it but I understand it's a CLASSIC.



(would have said "the Plok thickens," but it's pretty obvious that he's unconscious and unable to partake in further space-shrimp cocktail [ew])



He'll certainly thicken up around that svelte waistline if he keeps eating that stuff.



Who knew statues could see?



Who knew statues could bounce away to reveal a treasure just to stand idle for some reason at the same spot it was 20 years ago? Or survive a nearby explosion? Or how it's still pretty undamaged when it fell over Zob and all the other abuse it took over the time?

I won't reveal what my notion is what might happen next, but I'm interested if it could be correct.


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