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Vol: 4

Fri, 06 Nov 2015

#98 Embellishment

Colouring books are for adults as well as kids these days.

#98 Embellishment

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Main Series: Vol 4

#98 Embellishment

Colouring books are for adults as well as kids these days.

Fri, 06 Nov 2015

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Jo Li

You guys have the most subtle adverts for your own products. It's quite charming. ;3



I guess if I want a children's activity book that contains the phrase "We're going to die", I know I'm covered with you guys.



Yeah we outsourced the captions for budget reasons.



I believe what the ulterior motive behind this coloring book is. You want grown-up Plok fans to buy this for their children, which will set the seed for a new generation of Plok fans. Now you just need a Plok-themed mobile game, so that you can finally get that Angry Birds money that you have been longing for the previous twenty years.


Ste Pickford



Statue God is my favorite boss from Hooded Man.


The suspense!



Go ahead and color your book. Have no concerns over where Plok is, or whatever Xor is up to.


Brad Silvia

#99 will be about how we still haven't gotten a re-release of Plok!



Saw the picture with the Connie girl with the coloring book.

That is just adorable, she looks so pleased with herself.

Got a nice chuckle out of "Use as many colours as you like, but don't go outside the lines!"





Looks like Piko Interactive might be the people you want to talk to for this.



Plok is imprisoned in a tiny capsule and his friends are drawing in a coloring book.



Some friends they turned out to be, they forgot all about their imperiled redheaded companion.


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