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#115 Enthralled

Grandpappy speeds to Plok's rescue, after just one more go.

#115 Enthralled

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Volume 5

#115 Enthralled

Grandpappy speeds to Plok's rescue, after just one more go.

Mon, 13 Feb 2017

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Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Mon, 12 Dec 2016

Busy!A quick note to explain the absence of any new Plok comic strip episodes for the last few weeks. John and I have been doing a short freelance contract for the last month or so, and we've both been too busy to find any spare time to work on the Plok comi...


Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Thu, 27 Oct 2016

300!Today we sold the 300th Plok comic book! Well, yesterday actually - it takes a day before I see the sales figures update. Woohoo! Actually, that's probably a pretty small number in the whole scheme of things, but I still feel very proud to reach thi...


LOL, priorities XD


In the time you took between comics, you could have made a crappy flash game claiming to be "Plok 2", one million comic books sold be damned.


Joseph Collins

Huzzah! A new comic!

Also, I just noticed that Grandpappy Mk-II kind of looks like Tik-Tok from "Return to Oz." Or at least his head does.



A fickle purpose but a purpose nonetheless


Looks like Grandpappy is having tons of fun!

They could have alien dinosaur races

...if only Plok was there; poor Plok, lol XD


Hey, if Grandpappy doesn't come to rescue Plok, we always got Wubba. He's probably put everyone to sleep with his lecture.

I thought you Pickford Brothers were late because you were working on a secret project (maybe Plok to be in the new Smash Bros game on the Switch, or maybe a new Plok game for the new consoles).



We were working on a secret project. It's only slightly gamey.



Yuck. When your projects start to smell, it's usually time to throw them out.


You are working on a secret project?! What is it?! Can you tell us now?! Or wait, if you tell us now it wouldn't be a secret anymore, never mind.

Hey Pickford Brothers, there's this youtuber that play video games and in two of his/her videos he/she talked about Plok. He/she loves your game. The youtuber is called 'whoisthisgit' and the two videos about Plok is Boss Analysis 23 (the first part) and Weirdest Levels Ever 2. Check it out when you have time. Oh, and warning for some bad language in those video.



I apologize for my poorly drawn Plokitty giving you nightmares.

Just put the dots where they need to be.


Ste Pickford

Cat Plok!


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