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#118 Odds Bodkins

Warning: Black Holes are not yet completely bug-free.

#118 Odds Bodkins

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Volume 5

#118 Odds Bodkins

Warning: Black Holes are not yet completely bug-free.

Fri, 24 Mar 2017

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That face on the third panel. Is that God or a reference I don't get?



It's from a game called Feud.


This page was made of glory.

At least he survived travel through The Warp.



Joseph Collins

Oooh nooo... Xbone, are you okay? You and Grandpappy's ro-body look a little weird, mate. I kinda like it, though!


He's got a Z now, so I guess he's getting a name change.


That doesn't exactly look like a black hole...



Yes it does.


>That doesn't exactly look like a black hole...

>Yes it does.

Admittedly, the depiction of a black hole accretion disk as a flatish spiral seems somewhat outdated. It has been known for some time that gravitational lensing distorts the view very much, making it look quite different (for instance the way it was depicted in the movie "Interstellar" is assumed to be much more accurate).



Ha ha ah I did not see the background face until I looked at the comments. I never played the game but I recognize it from the old posts on this website. A very good use of celestial rainbow beard.



Someone's spambot had a meltdown


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