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Vol: 5

Mon, 24 Jul 2017

#123 Three Angry Men

The Jury come to an almost unanimous decision.

#123 Three Angry Men

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Main Series: Vol 5

#123 Three Angry Men

The Jury come to an almost unanimous decision.

Mon, 24 Jul 2017

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I knew it! Irving is a nice dude... mouth?

I love that the holograms drink from real mugs^^



"100 gold shells - enough to start a new life" - simple but pretty clever!

I also like the contrast of the gray clouds emerging over the evil Bobbins while the clouds over Irving seem pretty normal. As Irving looks like he's going to be beaten up by his siblings according to the poses they have in panel six, could this mean that Irving will join up with the Plok+Wubba+Rockyfella gang down the line?

Anyway the only but very slight nitpick I have is that the supposed technical limitations didn't stop Irving from participating in ganging up on Grandpappy back in the day.


i can't believe that Plok is still alive after all those years, it was one of my favorite games on the SNES. brings a tear to my eye.


@NameThatNobodyTakes Like the Bobbins Bros said, that's just excuse they gave him.



Alright, I looked for the bobbin bros sprites in google and edited it:


There is Irving!


It doesn't seem to me that Irving wants to get involved in his brothers'... erm, "shenanigans".


Hmmm... too bad that Mega Drive port never happened, then they'd be at a loss for an excuse.


Also, is the purple one's mouth on upsidedown, or are the other two's?


And yet, he still wanted to kill Grandpappy 74 years ago


Ste Pickford

Marshall (the purple one) has a slightly different arrangement of teeth to his brothers.



Wait a minute. Didn't Grandpappy fight Irving back-in-the-day? Or... was there a FOURTH Bobbin Brother?!

But, anyway, "sprite limitations" my pointy hat. There's ways around that, says I!


Grandpappy Plok fought against the old Bobbin Brother.

Plok fought against their sons.

That's what I heard^^


Ste Pickford

Great work with the sprites, zeox.


I'm with Irving, give Plok a break. The only reason why he and his Grandpappy beaten you up was because you guys played a horrible prank on them. If you would have left them alone, they wouldn't have beaten you up. Even Irving knew that.

Also, leave Irving alone! Now I know why Irving would have left, you two are picking on him. And the reason why Irving wasn't in the first boss fight was because of the Super Nintendo limitation.


I like the design for the Bobbins Bros. in this comic: it feels like they have a ninja turtle vibe going on.

Also, are yall going to get games on the switch e-shop? I hear nintendo is trying hard to get third party support ('Wetrix Supreme' has a nice ring to it).



y'know Zeoxs sprite work has just made me notice, where's there gloves gone? Assuming their hands weren't just yellow.


What exactly do the Bobbins Brothers look like from the back?

What do their nearly disembodied mouths look like from the other side?


Asking how the Bobbins Bros. look from the back is like asking how Mickey Mouse's ears look from the side - it's just inconvenient for stylistic/aesthetic reasons, so to avoid the issue the things mentioned are never shown in the first place.


We also haven't seen the rest of Rockyfella. Does he have feet, or is he hiding something bizarre like that Nightmare Salesman towards the end of that Kirby anime?



he's got feet for miles


Does he wear Krocs or Sandals?



I assume he prefers wearing rockies



Milton and Marshall are meaner than I thought.


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