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#124 I Own This

Plok proves to be a creature of honour.

#124 I Own This

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Volume 5

#124 I Own This

Plok proves to be a creature of honour.

Tue, 29 Aug 2017

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Vol 4: Destination Z


Is he going to do another boss battle now when it turns to be a kangaroo court?


"Maybe it was Grandpappy's fault more than mine, but he's not here and I am"

I know exactly what's coming and I can't wait to see it


The sight of Plok accepting his fate fills you with DETERMINATION!


Bubsy 5 has been confirmed for GOG, GOG forum is upset that they are receiving Bubsy, and Sonic Mania PC was delayed for two weeks just to add Denuvo. This Plok comic is the best thing we got this week from the 16-bit era.


Joseph Collins

@jco Ya know, I actually forgot that the next Bubsy game is the fifth in the series. Then again, the Jaguar game wasn't numbered, like 2 or 3D, so...

Also. Denuvo? REALLY? In my five minutes of research on the thing (I was completely oblivious to it, until now), I have seen nothing but bad-to-awful things about it. The fact that it disables offline play ALONE is reason enough to want it gone.

Oh, and, nice job on this episode of Plok, Zee-3. (I may have gotten slightly distracted.)



Most of the stuff people end up reading about denuvo is either false or happens on a case by case basis since it's somewhat customizable.


Plok! was one of my greatest inspirations asa game dev, and this comic cracks me up too! Keep up the great work guys.


Ste Pickford

Thank you 2Mickennxtre68!


That Mario + Rabbids game came out for the Switch this week. As you may know, Rabbids is a spin-off of Rayman, and Rayman is a rip-off of Plok. Therefore, Mario just had a crossover with a spin-off of a rip-off of Plok.



It's a brilliant game too.


So Mario had a crossover with a spinoff of a ripoff of Plok, abd Mario also had a crossover with Plok.


Recently read these comics back in August, and it's great to see that Plok is still active and alive! I've been a fan of the game ever since I had it when I was younger.


Ste Pickford

Thanks Cenny!


Doing the right thing even though you know how bad the punishment will be, Plok you're amazing! You're an inspiration to us all! Please don't lose hope, I know you'll find a way out of this, the right way.


Colonel Llama

I downloaded iOS 11 yesterday. I'm disappointed that i cannot play Magnetic Billards anymore... BTW, i can't wait too see how Plok's trial will end!


Ste Pickford

We're disappointed too :(. Only two episodes to go, I'll be drawing this weekend!


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