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Vol: 6

Fri, 31 May 2019

#130 Just Mindin' My Business

Has Plok embarked on a new career?

#130 Just Mindin' My Business

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Main Series: Vol 6

#130 Just Mindin' My Business

Has Plok embarked on a new career?

Fri, 31 May 2019

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"Somebody is going to feel my fist in their mush."

That's some nice wording right there.


Ste Pickford

Great line.



I wonder why I didn't notice it in the previous episodes but Plok's spaceship doesn't have a crack in the window anymore.



We skipped the episode where he called "Steve from Autoglass"


So, if I'm parsing this right, the pirates used a tractor beam to abduct Plok's ship, and in so doing drew in asteroids as well. But they instead believe Plok brought it upon them, somehow.



Not quite. All will be explained.


Jo Li

When in doubt? Blame a wizard. Or, maybe… a Bobbin? Can't help but notice that the pirate ship looks an awful lot like something in Milton's room…



It's the spaceship from one of our old games - Cosmic Pirate which came out on Amiga & ST.


Jo Li

Darn you and your self-references. Clearly, my detective work needs… erm… work!



Well spotted though!


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