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Vol: 6

Fri, 31 Jan 2020

#134 No Rest For The Wubba

Can our duck make himself useful?

#134 No Rest For The Wubba

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Main Series: Vol 6

#134 No Rest For The Wubba

Can our duck make himself useful?

Fri, 31 Jan 2020

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Who is this mysterious duck in the last panel?


Ste Pickford

A brand new character!



Now that's just ducked up.


Why does Wubba looks so depressed? Poor baby!



Wubba ponders if he might be recognized but does he have any prior history with the Bobbins brothers? I'm sure they have never met before in this comic



There was certainly a chance for it during the trial, if nothing else.


Jo Li

Wubba! Buddy…! Are you okay? Did somebody diddle you…?

It's okay. You can tell us.


What's up, Ste! Felt nostalgic, so I wanted to pop in and read some Plok comics. Thanks again guys for making this game I love, one of my very favorites on the ole SNES.


How's the game going?


Haha, I wonder how many non Europeans recognize the Allo Allo reference.


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