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Naked War Press Kit

Information, downloadable media, press releases, and any other useful Naked War materials

Background information

Naked War is a video game by The Pickford Brothers. It's a fun, turn-based, strategic battle game for two players over email.

  • Two squads of four soldiers battle for supremacy on an island arena
  • Drive tanks, fly helicopters, ride boats, or just shoot your opponent to bits!
  • Incredibly easy to play, surprisingly difficult to master, a strategy game for everybody!
  • Challenge anybody in the world!
  • Play via email, at home or at work!
  • Pick your team colour and join in the world-wide-battle with each game!
  • Beautiful, fully destructible, 3D game world
  • Fully customisable squads
  • Design and upload your own islands with the easy-to-use map editor


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» Naked War Press Releases
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A selection of screenshots of the latest version of Naked War, showing all game modes.

Naked War screenshot Naked War screenshot Naked War screenshot


Hi-res bitmap JPG files,
1024 x 768 pixels.



The Naked War logo, as well as publisher and developer logos.

Naked War Logo Hi-res bitmap logo; PNG file with transparency.

Please include the following notice when using this logos:

Naked War and the Naked War logo are trademarks of The Pickford Brothers.


Zee-3 Logo Pickford Brothers Logo Hi-res bitmap logos; PNG files with transparency.

Please include the following notices when using these logos:

Zee-3 and the Zee-3 logo are trademarks of Zee-3.
The Pickford Brothers and the Pickford Bros logo are trademarks of the Pickford Brothers.





Hand drawn and rendered promotional artwork.

Naked War cover Naked War front cover Naked War back cover Hi-res bitmap PNG files.

Cover art, in various sizes / shapes.





Blue team male characters Blue team female characters Red team male characters Red team female characters Hi-res bitmap PNG files.

Rendered character sheets for each sex, rank and team colour.