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Plok Bumper Colouring Book launched

Press Release posted by Ste Pickford on Tue, 03 Nov 2015
Subject: Plok comic strip

The must-have Christmas stocking filler of 2015 is here!

Veteran video game designers The Pickford Bros have launched a colouring book based on their popular weekly webcomic, Plok The Exploding Man, featuring the star of their 1993 SNES game Plok!

The 60 page volume is packed with drawings to colour, ink and add your own captions to, all taken from the first two volumes of the Plok ongoing comic strip.

You can colour individual panels - blown up to full page size - then add your own funny captions once you've finished, or try your hand at colouring in full page covers, posters, or even dozens of individual sound effects.

In addition the book contains six pages of pencils - both comic strips and covers - to practice your inking on, and a special page to design your own Plok character in pixels.

The Plok Bumper Colouring Book is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys drawing, reads comics and plays video games, no matter what their age.

"We had a few people ask us to a do a Plok colouring book," explained artist Ste Pickford, "and as I find colouring of the comic strip to be so difficult each week I thought it would be funny to let other people have a go at my line art. They'll probably do a better job than me."

"I wanted to add new captions to each page of the book," added writer John Pickford, "but gamedev work commitments meant I didn't have the time, so we outsourced the captions and, well, they're definitely captions."

"They better not to go outside the lines," insisted the Pickford Bros' Dad.


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